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May Greenkeeper Report

Golf courses - May report 2017


This month has been  warm and dry with very little rain especially at the start of the month, which means the irrigation system has been on most nights to water greens & tees over both courses

Greens – We are now at full cutting with a flush in growth which means cutting daily and turf ironing/rolling if possible to help keep a smooth and fast surface, greens on both courses have had an application of liquid fertiliser and wetting agent/seaweed to help keep a balanced nutrient level without adding to the growth, The Balcomie greens have been hand weeded. Both sets of greens have been verti-cut to help reduce seed heads and thatch. Green 3 on the Balcomie course has been over seeded and top-dressed to improve the surface.

Surrounds – We are cutting/brushing  twice weekly at a height of 8mm to keep these areas neat and tidy and changing direction of cutting to help stop napping to the surface.

Tees – We are cutting twice weekly at a height of 10mm and at the same time all tees are being divoted, bins emptied, ball washers topped up and broken tees etc picked up to help keep these areas tidy. The 1st tee bin on the Balcomie course has been replaced with a larger bin to cope with the litter.

Fairways – We are cutting weekly now at a height of 14.5mm and the landing areas are being divoted when possible. We are changing the direction of cut to help stop any napping of the turf and cut out any long ends.

Semi- roughs/3.5” roughs – We are cutting all areas weekly now   


All sprinkler heads have been trimmed and cleaned

Hand watering to new turf has taken place to stop drying out 

Certain deep rough areas have been cut and collected again to starve these areas and other areas have been sprayed with  herbicide to help reduce the rougher grasses 

Next month

All greens will receive their monthly spiking and wetting agent program

Divoting of landing areas

Keeping up with cutting to all areas

Spray selective herbicide on semi-rough areas etc


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Posted 01/06/2017

Robert Meikle

Golf Course Manager