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August Greenkeeping Report

Golf courses August report 2017


It was a very wet month, with over 94mm of rain.

Balcomie course

Greens – Cut daily at a height of 4mm and rolled when required.  Spraying applications have been the monthly application of wetting agent & seaweed plus we sprayed a selective herbicide at low rate to control a weed called Pearwort. Flags and cup liners were replaced this month to improve appearance.

Craighead course

Greens – We have started to reduce our cutting program but still at a height of 4mm and rolled in between cutting which helps reduce stress to the plant but keeps a smooth and true surface. Wetting agent and seaweed plus iron have been applied, along with a sand top-dressing at the end of the month when the weather improved.

Both courses

Surrounds – Cut twice weekly at a height of 8mm and have been trying to cut in different directions to stop napping of the grass surface.

Tees – Cut twice a week at a height of 10mm and at the same time all tees are being divoted, bins emptied, ball washers topped up and broken tees etc picked up to help keep these areas tidy.

Fairways – Cut weekly at a height of 14.5mm. We are changing the direction of cut to help stop any napping of the turf and cut out any long ends.


All greens have been hand weeded

7th fairway marker post on the Balcomie course has been replaced

All sprinkler heads have been cleaned and trimmed

Next month

Aeration work will take place on greens over both courses

Aeration work to certain surrounds and tees on the Craighead course


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Posted 01/09/2017

Robert Meikle

Golf Course Manager