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On 19th September 1885 a special committee was formed to consider what form the centenary celebrations should take. The prime movers were Mr D. Mathewson and Professor John Chiene, C.B whose great-grandfather was one of the original members of 1786.

The celebrations began with a match on Balcomie Links on 23rd February in which twelve players competed for the 'Star' and several sweepstake prizes. Mr David Morton of Craighead was the winner with a net score of 73.

In the evening this select group assembled at the East Neuk Hotel for 'tea' consisting of wine and cake! Perhaps not surprisingly 'toasts, songs and recitations followed and a very enjoyable evening was brought to a close by the company singing 'Auld Lang Syne'.

On 26th February, in the Town Hall, there was a Ball attended by forty-one ladies and forty-seven gentlemen. The music was supplied by a Mr Allan and his band of four musicians from St Andrews. They were obviously good as dancing continued until 4am.