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Opening Hours

The Clubhouse Opening hours are:

Locker Rooms:  Open from 7.00am until clubhouse closes, every day

From 29th October 2018 – 1st March 2019

Closing hours:      Weekdays             5.00pm

                             Weekends             6.00pm


Open every weekday at 10.00am, Sundays at 11:00

Closing hours:

Monday - Friday                                4.45pm

Saturday and Sunday                         5.45pm

October and March

The clubhouse closures will be flexible but generally once the clubhouse has been vacated after darkness falls.         


Kitchen      Food will be available:

                        Weekday                     Weekend

January            10:00-15:00                 09:00-17:00

February          10:00-15:00                 09:00-17:00

March              10:00-16:00                 09:00-18:00

April                09:00-18:45                 09:00-19:45

May to Sep      09:00-19:45                 09:00-19:45

October           09:00-18:45                 09:00-18:45

November       10:00-15:00                 09:00-17:00

December        10:00-15:00                 09:00-17:00


Clubhouse closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Plesae contact Alan Henderson for any catering requests on 01333 450278