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The Ladies Golf Club of Crail was founded in 1901. Until 1996 the ladies shared the links with Crail Golfing Society when its members were incorporated into membership of the Society.


Extract from the first minutes of the Ladies Golf Club of Crail:

"At Crail and within the Town Hall there on the twenty-seventh day of March Nineteen hundred and one a meeting of Ladies for the purpose of forming a Ladies Golf Club was held. Members of the Burgh of Crail Golfing Committee were also present. Provost Sim, Chairman of the said Committee, explained to the ladies that the sum charged by the Committee for the upkeep of the links would be two shillings and sixpence per member"

Original Members

Miss Gibb

Mrs Guthrie

Mrs Dow

Miss Braid

Miss Lillie

Miss Hutchon

Miss Morris

Miss Adamson


Miss Reid, Miss Morton and Miss Ross were not present, but signified their desire to become members.

Mr Guthrie, Mr Ireland, Provost Sim, Mr Morris, Mr Scott and Mr Mathewson became honorary members.

Early Competitions

The following early trophies are still played for by the lady members.

The Burgh Medal was donated in 1902 by Crail Town Council and is awarded to the player with the lowest 3 aggregate scores from 12 medal competitions.

The Rosebowl first awarded in 1905 is played for in a singles match play.

The Walker Cup donated in 1935 by Miss Jessie Walker is played for in a singles match play competition every summer.

The More-Nisbet Cup was donated by Mrs H More-Nisbet in 1935 and is played for in a singles match play competition also in the summer.

Some of the prizes for early competitions warrant close inspection – Silver Shoe Lift, Silver Pencil Case, a Coronation Dessert Spoon and Silver Frames. In 1909 a prize of Silver and Blue Enamel Buttons was awarded to the winner of the American Tournament.

The first competition was played on Saturday 27th April 1901. A scratch competition with prizes of five shillings, three shillings, two shillings and one shilling. The leading score out of 17 competitors was by Miss Adamson with a 57.

As one might expect prudence was a watchword of the Ladies Golf Club of Crail from the very beginning. There was by 4th February 1902 a sum of £3 9s 2d was already in hand. However, caution was thrown to the wind and the money was blown on a medal to be competed for each month!

Interesting Facts

  1. An interesting protest was made, to no avail, to the Balcomie Management Committee in 1935 against notice forbidding clubs to be cleaned in the Clubhouse! A request was also made to the very same committee to furnish the Ladies' Clubroom in a more suitable manner – that request met with rather more success.
  2. In 1960 an away match with Thistle Earlsferry Ladies had to be cancelled as it was impossible to raise a team on the date, that of Princess Margaret's wedding.
  3. On 14th April 1970 an article was published in the East Fife Mail stating that at a town council meeting Provost Simpson, Chairman of Balcomie Links Management Committee, said that in his opinion the biggest mistake ever made by the committee was to admit the Ladies section to their meetings. A letter was sent to the Town Council!!
  4. In 1996 the ladies were granted full membership status of Crail Golfing Society.
  5. Unique? The Lindsay Triplets,Preston, Beatrice and Ena, joined the club in 1948.